Promo Codes

  1. Promo Codes and Discounts are applicable on Lily’s Home Online Store when announced through our social media channels, each Promo Code or Discount has a validity which is typically announced through the posts on social media. Promo codes may also be promoted through other companies which Lily’s Home has formal agreement/s with, and such posts and
  2. announcements are used after written consent with Lily’s Home.
  3. Any Promo Code should be entered in its designated space prior to check out. Should there be any issues do not hesitate to Contact Us
  4. Promo Codes may be applicable to all items and some promo codes may be applicable to select items. Such items are chosen by Lily’s Home, as we are not obligated to grant a discount on the full range. Lily’s Home solely decides which items to fall under the Promo Codes/s, and the duration for which the Promo Code is activated.
  5. Lily’s Home is not obliged to grant a discount using a Promo Code if and when the promotion period is expired or if an incorrect code is entered.
  6. Promo Codes are typically not applicable on Sale items unless otherwise stated, and cannot be used with other running offers.
  7. Promo Codes and discounts are subject to change by Lily’s Home without prior notice.