Terms of Sale

  1. You agree that once a product is sold by us and delivered to you and accepted by you, Lily’s Home is no longer liable or hold any obligations for its customers.
  2. You agree that you will not re-sell any of Lily’s Home products to any other party, all transactions through our online store should be for personal use and should not be sold for re-selling purposes. Such arrangements should be upon approval and inking an agreement from Lily’s Home and that interested party.
  3. Payment method for online sales will be by Debit or Credit cards, Cash on Delivery (COD) is only accepted for orders within Jordan.
  4. Lily’s Home will send an e-mail to acknowledge receipt of the order and the items in it. This however, is not an acceptance of the sale on the behalf of Lily’s Home. We reserve the right to cancel any order should it be in breach of our Terms & Conditions and/or Terms of Sale.
  5. Customers will receive an e-mail once their order has been dispatched upon shipping. This is considered a confirmation from our side that we have agreed to process and deliver the sales transaction at the specified price during checkout.
  6. Customers will be notified if a sale is not accepted prior to dispatch. You should notify us if you wish to cancel an order through our corporate communication channels.
  7. Lily’s Home reserves the right to cancel an order prior to dispatch due to any of the following reasons:
  • Ordered products are out of stock, you will be notified by an SMS or an e-mail. You will not be charged for any product which is not in stock, and you will not be notified when it becomes in stock again. Customers should check the item intended for purchase online.
  • In case Lily’s Home is unable to authorize the customer’s payment. You will be notified by e-mail, and then the order will be cancelled. Order must be placed again to try the another card or payment method.
  • If a product on Lily’s Home’s online store is identified to be priced incorrectly or has a wrong description and/or details. Lily’s Home will inform you about this and guide you to proceed with a fresh order at the correct prices and/or details.
  • A case of breach is identified by the Customer is identified to the Terms & Conditions and/or to the Terms of Sale. In such case, Lily’s Home team reserves the right to cancel the order and will inform you of doing so, and the Customer will not be charged for it.


  1. The delivery time is an estimate, and in case of any possible delay we are not liable for that delay, given that delivery is arranged through a third party.
  2. Countries to which we deliver to, are stated in our Delivery Policy, so please check the list prior to placing an order. Delivery Terms may change and be updated, so promptly check that section. For any inquiries please reach us at +962.786368049.
  3. Lily’s Home is not liable nor responsible if your username and password is used by any other person in case you have shared your login details with or without your knowledge outside of our website. You are responsible for any transaction taken by your name.